Grunge Wood

 Who Am I? 

I was born into this world the fourth generation of my family to grow up in a strict fundamental Christian cult. As soon as I turned a week old, I began to attend ten church services a week – until the day I left in 2017.

During that time, I learned that there were very strict rules about what was right and what was wrong in this world, that I could not trust my inner being, and that I would need to spend the rest of my life attempting to please what felt a very hard to please and at times cruel, God.  I found myself in what I now see as a white man’s weaponizing of faith in order to exert control. I felt suffocated.

At sixteen I became very depressed, with the whole concept of the confines of the education system and the working world, on top of the rigorous control of the cult. At eighteen I attempted to escape but didn’t feel I had enough skills to survive outside of the environment I knew, so I did my best to surrender my entire identity for the next twelve years. Through what was undoubtedly one of the darkest periods of my life.

At thirty I established I was in an untenable position, one in which there was less and less oxygen for survival and so I could either end my life or attempt life on the outside. I figured I’d try the latter first, as I could always end my life later if life on the outside didn’t work out.  In December 2022 I will have been free for five years.

Amusingly enough one of my greatest surprises about escaping is that I was far from alone in my search for freedom.  As a relative newcomer to your world, all that I share is my perspective of finding greater levels of freedom and permission to be my authentic self.

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You can read more of my story in my memoir Tomorrow’s Not Promised and its sequel Make Today Count.

Grunge Wood