Who Am I?

I'm a writer, speaker, mentor & lightworker in the field of

relational dynamics – at this point & time specifically profound

romantic love and core badass confidence.

I'm my own unique mix of intuitive divinity & practical badass

strategy that is beautifully showcased in all that I do, especially in

The School of Authentic Badassery where I guide women

through accessing the deep levels of true love & fundamental

confidence their truest selves desire, in order to break cycles of

generational traumas and bring healing into the world.

After growing up in an environment that was not conducive to freedom of expression, empowerment or truly respectful connections, I have dived deep into how to cultivate authentic confidence and heart-based dynamics that unlock the passions of the women

who learn and apply them.

I live in a glorious little wooden house on the side of a Welsh mountain surrounded by my 8 adorable fluffybutts.


When not dealing with real chickenshit, I am clearing it out of the minds and hearts of my clients - helping them dispel their love and confidence blocks so they can open themselves & future generations up to the love-based model of the New Earth Paradigm.

12 of many words that describe me...

Down-to-earth -  Intuitive -  Lightworker -  Chicken-loving -  Cult-escaper -  Multi-passionate -  Self-lead -  Quantum-leaping -  Rustic & Western -  Seasoned -  Manifesting Generator -  Best-Selling Author

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