Meet the real Jessie

3 Years ago

During one of my darkest times of 23 years of bullying for my appearance.


The Western Cowgirl, chicken mom, Author & Speaker.

18 Months ago

Becoming an internationally published cover model.


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Jessie Shedden is a British-Australian born in a strict religious cult who has become a sought-after speaker, inspirational author, consultant and chicken mom.


Jessie encountered immense challenges growing up including bullying for her appearance and dyslexia, sexual abuse, and an ever-increasing knowledge that life in the cult held no prospects for her.

Completely out of hope, after surrendering her entire identity for years, she tossed up her options – suicide or a chance at a new life in an unknown world?

After her escape plan was foiled and she was forced to flee in panic; utilising key strategies Jessie lost no time in creating a life on her terms & establish self-respect, justice and authenticity.

Thousands of women across the world have been empowered to step into their power, find their inner strength and create their own authentic lives through Jessie’s inspirational speaking and consulting.

In her book Those Boots Were Made For Walking she openly describes her escape and her transition from her old life to her new one and her learning experiences along the way.

Fiancée to Dai and mom to seven gorgeous fluffybutts (chickens), Jessie’s passion is to empower women across the globe that they can reclaim their power and create a life entirely of their choosing!

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Basically, I create a safe space for women to look at the experiences that have shaped who they are currently,

I help you to unravel what parts you want to keep and which are not serving you.

I am really good at what I do & I've helped a lot of women completely change their relationship with themselves & their lives.

I do that through:

  • My 90 Day Achieve Success Authentically Consulting Packages, where we go over your personal life map 1-2-1

  • My Motivational Speaking Events - where I share my own journey from living a life of conformity to creating my authentic life on my own terms!



Jessie xx

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