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The freedom & permission to be your authentic self.

I'm here as a catalyst for your expansion.

Let's spend a day together face to face co-creating and collaborating once a week for four weeks - click here.

Expansion into the freedom to be who your soul truly longs to be and the permission to be all that you are in your fullness.


The Compendium

Why The Soul Seeks Freedom is a compendium of instalments on key subjects such as:

  • Authenticity - the New Currency of the Future

  • The Time of Feminine Power

  • Story - an Initiation

  • Heart Frequency of the Future

  • Toward Faith that Frees

and more...

I was drawn to Jessie's openness & authenticity. What I received, however, was far beyond my expectations. Jessie's ability to break down concepts into thought-provoking & enlightening new perspectives while still holding space for you & your process is simply outstanding. And throughout it all, her care & compassion is truly evident. Thank you Jessie for creating such an amazing container in which to learn & grown!

Laili Gonzales

Feng Shui Design

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