Free Yourself Digital eBook

​This eBook is for you if:

  • You are ready to discover the most interesting part of your life

  • You want to understand your purpose

  • You are ready to feel freer than a bird on the wing

  • Your heart still believes it's possible to have even better relationships with your romantic partners

  • And you are ready to have all this made cinchy simple

Authentic Badass Confidence Powerpack

  • How is it some people appear to be fearless?

  • How is it some people seem to be able to do absolutely anything?

  • How is it some people accomplish things in months, that you’ve struggled with for years?


It’s not because they are smarter or have the luck gene or because they have more money or a bigger support group. It’s because at every stage they integrate Authentic Badass Confidence.


3 x Audio Clips

1 x Workbook

Just £4 

Tell Your Story Safely Guide

​​How do you share in a way that ensures your story doesn't blow up in your face? That doesn't get sued the pants off you? How can you tell your story, honoring your journey, yet minimizing the pain your family feels?

Because that's our greatest fear that stops us from speaking out isn't it?

I answer those questions, and a bunch more, in the introverts guide to telling your story safely!

Find out now for just £7


"I really needed help embodying my story & speaking up more & I knew Jessie was the right person to help me with that. I now post on my Facebook profile daily WITHOUT hiding from people, out of fear of rejection! I've started writing again & gain clarity in my stories & my offerings - she's a total Oprah-level magic worker! This is in caps because I'm so excited about it... THE EXACT PEOPLE I THOUGHT WOULD JUDGE ME ARE COMMENTING AND SUPPORTING ME IN MY MOST RECENT POSTS! Jessie helped me clear some deep mindset blocks - I'm NOT afraid to speak my mind now. I feel confident about sharing my perspective, I feel lighter, free & more connected to myself and others."

- Sarah Buehner

Badass At Love Bundle

4 x Audio clips

4 x Transcripts

1 x Journal

17 x Mantra Posters

3 x Powerful Diagrams

Including Fulfilment of Human Rights, Fear v Respect & The 4 Categories of Love

Just £47


The School of Authentic Badassery Bundle

15 x Audio Clips

15 x Transcripts

3 x Journals

57 x Mantra Prints

3 x Powerful Diagrams

1 x ebook Tomorrow's Not Promised



"Jessie's openness & authenticity drew me to her, what I received, however, was far beyond my expectations. Her ability to break down concepts into thought-provoking & enlightening new perspectives while still holding space for you and your process is simply outstanding. Thank you Jessie for creating such an amazing container in which to learn & grow!"

- Laili Gonzales

"I cannot begin to explain how much your wisdom & insight have changed my thinking so profoundly & so quickly!! Your analogies & stories make this so so real. I need more!!! Love it!!! You just have such an amazing way of explaining & bringing things to life!! This is a MUST!!" - Sarah Bailey