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Love NOW
1:1 Sessions
Let in the love that your inner being desires, by attending a one-to-one session.

Each session agenda is created from your focused desires, questions, and thoughts.  There are no questions off limits. And so as you, crystalize, write down even, what you are wanting from this session, you will bring forward valuable practical understandings which will be of the most benefit to you and all who hear it.

Love NOW sessions are offered online and face-to-face throughout the year. These sessions are the ideal way to learn how to allow in, all the love you've been desiring, now.

Session Duration: 90minutes

Session Cost

Online: £333   Face to Face £555+ travel costs

Current Available Dates: (online)

Thursday 2nd March – 1PM GMT/ 5AM PST/8AM EST
Thursday 2nd March – 4PM GMT/8AM PST/11AM EST
Sunday 5th March – 10AM GMT/2AM PST/5AM EST



49 seconds in & Jessie had

described my entire first marriage! I'm mind-blown! It makes so much sense. It's like I'm not messed up for having struggles with my relationships.

I love the way Jessie takes a very nebulous topic & breaks it all down, making it super clear & easy to understand.


Full of so many golden nuggets, sprinkles of wisdom, and a whole heap of insights that have got me feeling, thinking, and being so curious.


I cannot begin to explain

how much Jessie's wisdom & insight have changed my thinking so profoundly & so quickly!!! Her analogies & stories make this so so real. I need more!!! Love it!!! She just has such an amazing way of explaining and bringing things to life!! This is a MUST!!

"I was drawn to work with Jessie - her openness & authenticity always spoke to me. What I received, however, was far beyond my expectations. Jessie's ability to break down concepts into thought-provoking & enlightening new perspectives while still holding space for you & your process is simply outstanding. And throughout it all, her care & compassion is truly evident. Thank you Jessie for creating such an amazing contain in which to learn and grow."


"I booked in with Jessie because I was at a crossroads. I had the seed of an idea & Jessie helped me to find the clarity I needed! By asking the right questions and giving me permission to do what I wanted. It was clear to me almost instantly that I was on the right track because everything I did just fell into place with ease and grace instead of the constant hustle and struggle I’d had before. We are almost booked out before we even launch and I’m so proud and excited to see how it develops over the next few months. I don’t think I would have had the courage to go “all in” with this change if it hadn’t been for Jessie’s encouragement. For the first time in a really long time, I’m excited for the future! I’m so glad I’ve got Jessie in my corner."

Join us to experience leading-edge teachings and allow in the flow of abundance of love, you've been asking for your whole life.

Thursday 2nd March – 1PM GMT/ 5AM PST/8AM EST
Thursday 2nd March – 4PM GMT/8AM PST/11AM EST
Sunday 5th March – 10AM GMT/2AM PST/5AM EST

For face to face sessions please message for availability.

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