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Something really curious has been happening...

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Over the last week or so I've noticed people I usually chat to, just not being around.

Others have surprisingly been more forthright than usual.

Then there's been those who've been upbeat and chirpy and coming out with all sorts of surprising news!

And it's been really interesting to see the emotions this has brought up for me.

'So they are going to be flaky with me?! I mean, what have I done to deserve that?' - panicking that I'll lose a good friend.

'OMG they really are gobby! Why are they being like this to me?!' - pulling back, feeling overwhelmed.

'Well done them! Look where they are headed!' - admiration for their coping skills.

Yet.....today it finally dawned on me. This is all just different types of people handling a rather challenging sitaution in their own way.

Coming from their own unique circumstances.

And I am actually being crazy enough to think it's all about 𝙈𝙀?!

Of course it is not! 🤣

This has absolutely nothing to do with me, most likely, and is everything to do with the way they are feeling and processing their feelings in this time.

Hmmm - there's something I'm going to be remembering next time I think about reacting to someone else's behaviour!

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