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63 Things I did in 2020

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Before I begin I'd like to say this year was by no means a walkover! It was many things for many people, it had it's stresses and challenges, however for me it contained many many positive things for three reasons A) It was my first year in a stable relationship after escaping my previous life, and was, therefore, a year that allowed me a safe space in which to heal, B) the circumstances imposed on us this year were milder (yes milder) than the life I used to live, so for me the restrictions were manageable, and C) I choose to look at the positive as I knew the negative wouldn't be any help.

We experienced no less than 3 separate full lockdowns and currently have the highest rate of infection in the world - 1 in 60.

That said let's get to get started!

1. Spoke on BBC Radio Wales to give an end of year report on ma chickens.

2. Wrote (& released) my 40,000-word memoir Tomorrow's Not Promised in 40 days. Thanks to Leonie Dawson’s fabulous course.

3. Went public on my past cult life, defying all my fears.

4. Was featured in a double-page spread of Fabulous Magazine.

5. Was interviewed as a guest on over 20 Podcasts.

6. Spoke on CapeTalk a South African Radio show on age gaps in relationships.

7. Had my story featured in 2 separate books – Glum to Glad and 88 Ways More Music Can Change Your Life

8. Got engaged to the love of my life!

9. Moved in with my amazing man – 3 days before lockdown no less!

10. Explored the beautiful Welsh countryside in sunshine and in snow.

11. Hatched 2 gorgeous fluffybutts and hand-reared another 7!

12. Had my first Christmas surrounded with love

13. Left Somerset and moved to a new country!

14. Reconnected with people from my past who’d also escaped just like I had.

15. Accepted I most likely have PTSD and have a shit tone of healing to do.

16. Up-leveled my friendships in a million different ways bringing the most amazing people into my life!

17. Was invited to speak on a guest expert panel of 10 speakers on the Freedom to Be Me Now.

18. Opened my Girl Legends Group, where women discover their talent and create their dreams.

19. Ate Welsh Cakes for the first time.

20. Had a much-coveted photoshoot at Dollhouse Studios with support from the amazing Amie Kent.

21. Had the photoshoot of my Country & Western dreams at a friend’s farm.

22. Hosted my last Real Women Framed event just before lockdown, with Rosie the Riveter as our theme.

23. Visited Venice with old travel comrades just before COVID19 was declared a pandemic.

24. Gained an entire new family – a lovely accepting one.

25. Had my first family holiday to the beach.

26. Stayed in a Caravan Park for the first time.

27. Got rid of all my high heels and replaced them with Cowgirl Boots.

28. Expanded my collection of Cowgirl hats.

29. Created 101 Chicken Memes for the sheer heck of it!

30. Discovered the most beautiful beach in Wales – Barafundle Bay.

31. Visited & photographed a myriad of Welsh Castles. From Calidcot, to Raglan, to Usk, to Caerphilly, and more.

32. Had Indian food for the first time, fell in love with it, and couldn’t stop ordering it during Lockdown!

33. Took my Cockerel to bed and tucked him under the covers when his crowing got too loud!

34. Was taken to Tenby not once, but twice by my lovely man!

35. Had 2 photoshoots with the chickens, who loved every bit of the limelight!

36. Witness my chickens fall beak over claws in love with their brand-new amazing coop!

37. Had lie in, after lie in, after lie in knowing I wake up to the best company in the world.

38. Write to a Lord, who’s wife keeps the same chickens as we do.

39. Meet so many incredible friends of Dai’s.

40. Work on my money mindset & manifesting.

41. Win the Lottery not once, but twice!

42. Attend my first Birthday party ever! Thanks Su Vaughan!

43. Watch the Queen's speech for the first time ever.

44. Have a wonderful Christmas just surrounded with love – which is all I’ve ever wanted.

45. Grew out of a bunch of clothes, giving me an excuse to buy new ones that were far more my style.

46. Had my modelling photos published twice internationally, including a back-cover image.

47. Installed CCTV for our chickens!

48. Upgraded Dai’s phone so the battery didn’t constantly die on him.

49. Opened my For the Love of Fluffybutts chicken group.

50. Discovered my authentic identity.

51. Read over 23 books, including several gripping cult escape memoirs.

52. Took over 13,574 photos – around 5,632 of Wales, 2,096 of Venice and 4,702 of Chickens & 1,144 of Somerset.

53. Watched my first live Indian Band – on our engagement day where we were called up to have our photo taken with a band of Indians!

54. Walked a dog for the first time ever – we miss you Bowe ☹

55. Hosted 3 Christmas Day Zooms with friends from all around the world, Spain, Canada, and America.

56. Gave my first ever haircut – he survived, my nerves nearly didn’t!

57. Enjoyed home date-nights!

58. Had my derrière appear as a cover image of someone’s Easter campaign!

59. Was ushered into the world of Netflix!

60. Looked out the window and checked the Mountain was still there each morning (new mountain dweller!)

61. Inadvertently inspired roughly 50 or more women to make changes in their lives

62. Wore a face mask every time I entered a shop.

63. Survived COVID19


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