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Beautiful Contrasting You

I was here to step into more of the moreness of me.

Who was this being when The Big Four were removed? In fact, who had she been before The Big Four arrived?!

I was here to discover what I wanted, ask for it, and to receive it.

What did I actually want? If I could just ask for anything and receive it, what would I actually ask for?! That was right for me, not what The Big Four said people should have.

I was here as a creator, a creator of the most enjoyable version of life I could possibly create.

Hang on a minute - you mean I wasn't ever supposed to 'lay down my life' for anyone or any cause?!

I was here to live life to the full, every moment of every day!

Every moment of every day?! Guilt-free?! Without worrying?!

To gather awareness - the same purpose as every human on this planet.

We are all the same, yet all different?!

To awaken from subconsciously sleepwalking through my days, doing what I've been taught to do.

You mean I actually might happen to know what is best for me and I can ignore all the rest unless it feels right?!

By my parents, by society, by The Big Four.

I can actually whirl and twirl my way through life, choosing to put higher value on the voice of my inner guidance system, over all else?!

It was about learning and growing and developing.

You mean I can't get it wrong, and I'll never get it done?!

It was about discovering how to be joyful in the present because now is literally all I have.

So let go of the past and stop worrying about the future?!

It was about understanding that nothing is all wrong or all right, all good or all bad.

Which is why I'm never off course, and things are always working out for me?!

Without knowing what I don't want and don't like, I wouldn't so easily establish what I DO want and DO like.

There was a purpose to all the stuff that felt ick and yuck and bad?!

It's like life beautifully and continually hands us contrasts so that we can offer them to our internal guidance system to try them on for size, as it were.

Is this a good fit for me?

How does this make me feel?

This was how life was always meant to be - and as young children, we always knew this.

Our inner guidance system knew that the systematised education system that taught us all the same subjects, from the same point of view, at the same rate, and in the same way, didn't offer us the opportunity to try things on for size.

Or rather for feel.

Didn't encourage us to listen to our internal guidance system.

But Life Force, Source, Universe, Higher Power, God whatever you like to call it (because it really doesn't care!) never stopped offering us different experiences to taste and see.

And because Life Force, Source, Universe, Higher Power, God whatever you like to call it, is full of love and gentleness - and soo unlike The Big Four - it offers us plenty of practice at leaning into how things feel and whether they are for us or not.

It doesn't punish us for making one decision over another, or for not listening to our gut/internal guidance system/intuition.

And yes, everyone can be intuitive - The Big Four were instrumental in us believing we can't.

And yes, everyone can 'channel' which is essentially to listen to Source, our Guides, Higher Powers, our Intuition.

In the same way, a pro basketball player knows exactly what move to make and the master musician knows how to create amazing music - they 'channel' all that too.

Life is like this incredible dance partner.

We are meant to create with it.

Not let it happen to us, which is actually other people creating for us.

It's not the left-over dregs of that period of time we consider our pasts.

That period of time that we feel like we must have been anesthetised for, because we'd never have let it happen had we been fully conscious.

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You are here to reclaim, re-remember, and re-embody your spiritual purpose, not just for you, though many of you are undergoing huge healing's of your ancestral line or of your early childhood by opening to spirit. It is taking layers of density and wounding and moments and times in your life where you have had to compress who you are, put yourself into a tight little bundle so that you don't offend or upset others or to try and manipulate life so that you can get through it unscathed or safely. Many of you have to suppress yourself for long periods of your life quite wisely so don't beat yourself up. The suppression is collective, not individual. You are trying to find a way to speak your truth in a less jagged way to others, you are able to.
- Lee Harris


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