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Each Time A Woman Stands Up For Herself, Without Knowing It...

Updated: Jan 18

So I've just finished watching Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix and as a sexual abuse survivor myself I have a few things to say:

💃 Firstly I feel so much admiration for those in the documentary who came forward and who also did not give up working to hold him to account.

💃 I also feel so saddened that they will never recieve the justice they deserve, even though I know that it will not heal everything for them.

💃 I burn deep inside knowing that this stuff has not stopped. That depraved men still go in search for vulnerable, abused women and violate and demean them over and over again, for their own debase pleasure.

💃 I know, as a model, that so many of my fellow models come from incredibly low self-esteem and traumatic backgrounds.

💃 That by entering the modelling arena our hopes and dreams are shattered time and time again by male photographers with less than pleasant agenda's.

💃 Who are not interested in working with models unless she get's all her clothes off, who use these images for their own gratification, thinly disguised as art.

💃 I've had photographers make countless passes at me, and carry a camera under the disguise of having a photoshoot at some point.

💃 I've also had photographers tell me how turned on they feel shooting certain models, who they then buy revealing outfits for.

💃 I am absolutely not a man-hater and neither do I suggest all men or all male photographers conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner.

💃 But it does make me very protective of not only myself but models that I care about.

💃 Stripping off for photographs just because the photographer wants it, even though the photos are of a really low quality, is not something you have to do or should get used to.

💃 Sadly as is well known, predators can sniff out those who are vulnerable and have low self-esteem from a mile away.

💃 Girls, you are worthy of so much more than a photo for his look book.

💃 And there are very well known photographers in this industry who actions are highly inappropriate.

💃 When you make a stand for yourself, you are making one for others - together we can and should demand better. 💔🤗😘💪

👗 Yes I host photography events & modelling opportunities. 👗 Yes I am incredibly careful about which photographers attend 👗 Yes I work hard to ensure all my events are based on respectful and uplifting conduct.

See Real Women Framed for more information on these events.

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