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Fasten your seat belt, this could get a bit bumpy

Fasten your seat belt, this could get a bit bumpy.

Ready to meet The Big Four?

They are:

1. Generational Teachings

2. Societal Expectations

3. Patriarchal Demands

4. Weaponizing of Religion

Think thuggish bunch of bullies.

They frequently overlap, often go by other names, and are prone to forming fractions - a bit of a loose construct.

Sometimes tangible, sometimes not.

At first, I saw them as a place to lay blame - a kind of and-the-buck-stops-here.

And then I came to see them for what they were - just like schoolyard bullies, they were malevolent products of circumstance.

Which was kinda cool, cos once you see that it removes a lot of emotional charge.

There's no getting away from the fact that the human psyche, that humankind, has evolved over time.

In a very potted account of history, it happened a bit like this:

About 100,000 years ago we were hunters and gatherers - almost no hierarchy, doing the absolute basics to ensure survival.

Once we got good at that we started to get creative and use our minds for other stuff and we started thinking about future generations.

We thought about stuff we wanted to hand down to the generations that came after us - material possessions and teachings.

That was about 5,000 years ago.

It would have been plain foolish not to have taught future generations that bears will kill you and that if you make your dwelling in a cave it will last longer.

We were starting to get more connected so why keep re-inventing the wheel?

And then came the time we started to see the huge organization of people working together with hierarchical structures to create empires and exercise control over others.

We didn't want Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids to be the only examples of people working together under the command of an overseer.

And we had also figured out that belief systems were really really effective at obtaining control.

It took giving commands to a whole new level.

It's like this amazing shortcut - by insisting that a higher power was issuing the demands - a higher power which could and should not be fought with, we could make so much more happen.

At the same time, those of us under the commands felt part of something bigger than us, we felt connected to more people, felt more harmony, as we unwittingly enabled Patriarchal Demands & Weaponizing of Religion to slip their toe in the door.

Things got pretty dark at this point - slavery was around with its total lack of human rights.

It's no wonder we consider this to have been the Dark Ages.

If at this point you are rolling your eyes, clenching your teeth, and inwardly spitting sparks as you plead 'Jessie I wanted to learn about freedom not control FFS!', bear with me.

I'm leading right there I promise!

Fast forward a bit and in steps the Industrial Revolution, shortcut number two.

Let's create sheeple!

Intentionally or unintentionally - the outcome was streamlining for the efficiency of creating goods en masse.

It's the reason we have everyday important items so easily available to us, like light bulbs, telephones, and cars.

But it also was a time we decided to herd our children into classrooms and ensure their days were filled with structure and predetermined 'facts and essential skills' according to a group of people who'd never been through this process.

We provided literacy and took away creativity, individuality, and freedom.

And we got them early in their lives, so we could influence their futures, deliberately and not necessarily maliciously at the time.

It's interesting isn't it how nothing is all good nor all bad.

And now we have our last piece - societal expectations.

In a field of black and white sheep, you can bet a purple one is going to stand out.

From the cradle to the grave The Big Four had us covered.

And then just over 200 years ago in 1795 one very brave man put his hand up.

Thomas Paine decided we deserved individual rights to happiness and so began the movement of human rights, children's rights, women's rights.

And love poked its beaming head in the door.

In terms of human evolution that's pretty recent.

I'm willing to bet you know of grandparents or great-grandparents who worked in typical Industrial Revolution-type work - steam engines/trains and cotton mills and coal mines.

And that ladies and gentlemen is pretty much where we find ourselves today.

Thirsting for freedom from the confines of the past.

We've changed and evolved over the years and because as we know life isn't perfectly polished, there were flip sides to all the new developments we put in place.

And just like our predecessors, we thirst for a better world, to improve our life experience, and to continue to grow and evolve in ways that feel good to our souls.

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The outside world can feel incredibly intense & challenging. The one thing we can influence and bring change to is our core self. We can start there.
- Lee Harris


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