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In Conversation With Carl Kendrick

I also took time to hang out with Carl Kendrick one evening this week, on his In Conversation with Carl Kendrick podcast - which I loved! Because he'd taken the time beforehand to look up the cult I grew up in making his questions that much more meaningful!

Here's how Carl describes it:

**NEW EPISODE*& This week I had a chat with JessieShedden.Com she grew up within the PBCC Religious Community, within this group she had no access to technology, radio or TV, and was homeschooled to a censored curriculum. As she got older, she formed a relationship with someone outside the group and for 4 years hid that relationship, until it was exposed and she was forced to end it.

She finally had the courage to escape and even with the tough transition into a life outside the community, she has since written an international selling book and now does talks on Woman Empowerment.

You can listen to our chat here

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