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In Kind

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I am beyond ecstatic to be able to share with you the very first time I ever shared my story aloud on a podcast interview and in this one I bare my soul more than ever as I talk about my fear of becoming the other women in my relationships.

I quote Julie who says: ‘Worldlies’ is what the cult calls those who live on the outside. Never feeling like she fit in, and unable to express herself, Jessie erased her identity to survive into her 30s. In Part I, we get into her self-talk, how she developed a fear of being the other woman in her relationships, and what it took to finally escape. Having no idea how to live apart from the cult, Jessie’s ability to develop her adult self with empathy and compassion is astounding.

Listen to Part 1 here

Have you answered the question from the last episode? - what ratio of who you are is of your own design? Think about it as you listen to J reform her identity in her 30s. She gives us lots of golden nugget resources and tools for anyone - cult or no cult - to learn how to love and empower ourselves. Now...for the escape!

And Part 2 here

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