• Jessie Shedden

International Women's Day 2021

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, I have chosen to spotlight a very unheard segment of women that are exceptionally close to my heart, because it’s time their voices were heard.

If you are familiar with my story, you’ll know that I escaped a cult three years ago and each of the women I’ve chosen to spotlight over the next 7 hours has also escaped that cult. All at different times, different ages, situations and countries. But we have one thing in common and that is our incredible strength and bravery.

So today I will be bringing you 14 previously unheard voices of unsung heroines.

One thing that has struck me about all of these women is that none of them gave themselves credit for the unbelievable journey they have chosen to take in life in order to stand up for themselves and create a life on their own terms.

Today you will hear from mothers who had their children took off them, women who lost their families, women who fled to save their children from abuse, women whose sexuality was denied and much more.

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