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It's hard to contain right now, how genuinely excited I am!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Because I am sooo so close to opening the doors on the bootcamp I've been promising you!

I know I've been promising you it on and off for a few weeks now but it's very nearly cork popping time!

It might have been ever-so-slightly delayed by a chicken distraction or two but only ever-so-slightly! ;)

Who am I kidding right! I've already opened my back door 50 times this morning for Pretty who can't decide where she wants to lay! 😅

Now I just want to say this Bootcamp isn't for everyone. Please don't even consider it, if you: 😫 Would hate to stop feeling so sad and depressed 😫 Don't want to take small steps for big rewards 😫 Are very happy in your current circumstances 😫 Would never want to live your dream life anyway

If you made it through that list of prerequisites, here's what I promise you, this isn't the best bootcamp in the world, as I don't know everything in the world.

However: ❣️ I will give you the absolute best of me and what I know ❣️ I will be sharing real life concepts that I have totally proven for myself

What can you expect from the Bootcamp? 🔥 Easily implementable steps to pull you out of your slump and start you creating your dream life. 🔥 Team support and a mastermind that totally gets you 🔥 Access & Support for life

So if any of this has sparked your interest, head on over to join the waiting list.

Oh and I almost forgot...you can snag yourself a free Kickstarter guide on the same link, if you really can't wait!

Grab your copy of Jessie’s latest Amazon inspirational memoir, TOMORROW’S NOT PROMISED, here: https://amzn.to/3kueDJQ

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