• Jessie Shedden

My challenge for you to break through people-pleasing

People-pleasing has been with me for years – it’s a cult thing!

And I see it in women everywhere, especially in their relationships. So, let’s talk about what it’s costing you being a people pleaser in your romantic relationships.

There are three ways people-pleasing is costing you true love & happiness.

1) The real authentic you is highly magnetic, the people-pleasing version gives off a very confusing vibe. Being yourself from the beginning screens out ill intent and calls in matching vibrations.

2) Spending your time in your relationship catering to the needs and desires of everyone else in order to keep everyone happy, stops others from taking up responsibility and taking care of and loving you in the way they so dearly want to.

3) You can’t underestimate the value in getting out of a relationship when you should – it always needs someone to be honest with how they feel and then everyone can start to build the next chapter.

Being true to your truth is powerful beyond measure, for you, for your partner and for any children involved.

I know you want to be seen for who you really are. I’ve been there myself, and it’s costing you your happiness. Your nearest and dearest want you to feel truly loved and happy. Even if it means you ‘do’ less for them.

Here’s my challenge for you. Hit reply and tell me what you are going to stop doing for others to be true to your own happiness? And by when?

What are you to stop saying yes to? Stop putting up with? Stop pretending is ok? It’s ok to not please others all the time. I believe in you.

Jessie xx

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