• Jessie Shedden

New Girl!

After having my 2nd COVID jab this morning I nipped to the newsagents to pick up this little number!

Thank you New Magazine - it's always nice to hang out next to Stephen Mulhern - not so much Love Island, but you don't exactly get to pick and choose!

But then again - not many mediums give you the option to reach 250,000 readers for free!

Plus give you the sought after trust tags AND a double-page spread at that!

PR and storytelling go hand in hand which is why all my programs have my express PR strategies woven into them.

Because if anyone's going to find the fastest and easiest way to do things - that would be me!

That's why my Kindle 2021 Storytelling Contest package comes with PR and Unstoppable Confidence modules!

Contact me for more details!

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