• Jessie Shedden

Okay so I keep hearing over and over again...

Okay so I keep hearing over and over again (especially given it was Valentines Day recently), just how much people wish they had a relationship like Dai and I have.

And guess what... not only do you 100% deserve to, but you also 110% totally can.

Because thanks to the incredible Rory Kilmartin's Balance of Power workshop I genuinely went from having a series of realllllllly shitty relationships to finding my true love.

Hand on heart, his workshop was literally life-changing - I have recommended it over and over again and I'm doing so now because he doesn't run it all the time and when he does his places sell out 𝒇𝒂𝒔𝒕!


I just got word that his next workshop kicks off on March 9th - so it's time to stop looking at us two love birds and go find out how you can build your own love nest!


I just want to make clear, this is no cheesy love coach who will give you flirting tips, this stuff is like the super cool 'Duh! Why did I never figure that before?' kinda stuff!

Honestly, I consider sharing this program with you the biggest thing I could do for you right now, more than giving you a £1 million - and once you've done the workshop, believe me, you'll know exactly what I mean!

I don't recommend things lightly, in fact I'm asked to share information on lots of things and there are very few that make it through the net, but today I am recommending Rory Kilmartins Balance of Power Workshop that kicks off in just 18 days because I believe it is the best gift I could give you. Now do yourself a favour and go check it out! https://tinyurl.com/4ldn63c4

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