Podcast Interview: Are you always looking outside of yourself for the right answers?​

In this week’s episode of The Confidence Sessions, with Paula Shepherd, I brought my spiritual lightworker and legend revealer self to share my courageous story from escaping a controlling religious cult to discovering my channelling abilities. ​

As Paula puts it...

She has bucketloads of first-hand, real-life experience and a down-to-earth genuine approach. ​ ​

And if that’s not incredible enough, she shares how her first lessons in unconditional love were taught by chickens (it’s true!). Jessie also speaks candidly about ​ her journey back to trusting herself, healing her intuitive voice and her experience to create a powerful impact in the world. ​

In this episode we chat about:​

Jessie's childhood in a strict religious cult.​

Overcoming psychological abuse and the fear of the outside world.​

Chickens, unconditional love and spreading joy. ​

Journeying through grief after an extreme religious experience. ​

Moving from being religious, to atheist to a lightworker. ​

Embracing your spiritual connection.​

Reconnecting to your inner self. ​

Owning your story. ​

If you’re an ambitious woman who wants to shortcut the route to freedom and independence and are ready to seize the moment, you definitely want to listen to this episode of The Confidence Sessions. ​

Link to the full episode is here (or listen on your favourite platforms, like Apple, Spotify, or Amazon)

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