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The Travellers On My Train

It was like my life journey was like a train and along the way different people got on and off.

It wasn't that a particular stop was a bad stop, it was just that it wasn't the one that Ethel, Mildred, and Tabatha were taking today.

But that didn't matter because when my resonance shifted the right people were sent to me for that period of my life, to help me see something and experience whatever I was meant to for that time period.

I had travellers hop on my train with books I'd never heard of but needed to read, and I had travellers hop on with songs of genres I wouldn't normally listen to but was meant to hear those lyrics in that way at that time.

I was me and the more I show up benevolently as that person, the more people flowed through and around me.

The more I understood what was a good fit for me right now, the more I vibrationally attracted and repelled exactly the right people.

Without so much as even trying.

Trains don't exactly beckon people on board, the people come willingly - and even sometimes not so willingly - and they leave willingly - and yes even sometimes not so willingly - at the perfect time in the perfect way.

And the faster we learn that it's perfection even when we can't see it, the easier and smoother our ride is.

There's a whole different resonance to needing people around you and wanting people around you.

When I needed people, it was because I felt I wasn't enough, I didn't have what I needed inside of me.

When I wanted people, it was because I had so much in me that I wanted to give, I was so much.

When I needed people, it was because I needed something from them like comfort or advice - I felt deficient in some way, that I was lacking.

When I wanted people, it was because I want to give something to them like my love or happiness - an outpouring of gifts of emotions.

Human behaviours have fascinated me for years, I would spend time reading up on different personality types and archetypes and human design profiles to attempt to understand how other people thought - but it was useless.

I ended up feeling bamboozled - who should I listen to?

Some of it felt good, some of it didn't and mostly it left me feeling like there was a huge chunk of the world I didn't fit with or connect to and that in order to bridge the gap I'd need to change chunks of myself in ways that didn't feel good.

That I would need to meet harshness with harshness or meet control with control or power with power - the very thought felt repulsive.

Besides people don't fit in boxes - there are always exceptions to the rule and there are a never-ending number of ways that I could learn to divide people up into groups when in truth the only thing that matters is that I knew who I was.

It's not my job to get inside another human psyche, it's not my job to know what their truth is, trying to understand who or what someone might be is an unconquerable and exhausting task.

Not in the least because people are constantly growing and evolving!

Knowing myself was great enough.

Knowing myself, honouring my truth, and emanating love proved to be the easiest and simplest way of mastering dynamics with other people.

And it's my conclusion after years of searching.

I wanted to give you a lovely, polished list of exactly how to handle different groups of people in this chapter.

But it would have only served to have confused you and it's not what I do day to day.

I don't use some data analysed way to prescribe how I should interact or manipulate an organic ever-changing being into behaving in a way that suits me.

I focus on my behaviour; I focus on listening to my intuition and honouring what is my personal truth and do so with love and respect for both myself and the other person.

And that's it.

And I leave the other person to respond to that in whatever way they feel directed to - maybe they have something to teach me, maybe they feel my resonance and act in a way that's unlike them.

But whatever the case - there is nothing to try and control, nothing to try and fix, and nothing that isn't unfolding exactly as it's meant to.

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Rather than worrying about whether someone will approve of you, think, instead, of the value you are giving to them by being your authentic self and doing what's right for you. It's your alignment that's necessary, not theirs.
- Abraham Hicks


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