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This is the least interesting thing about you

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I was doing a session for a client recently and she suddenly said, “I’m being guided to tell you this message.”

And part of the message that came through was “We are aware through this channel and through your own energy frequency, of the restriction you have had until this point in your existence, but we would like to say to you with all love, this is the least interesting part of your existence.”

I was hooked!

I mean, that whole period had been pretty big, a lot of it was boring that I’ll concede but if that was the least interesting part – what was up ahead?

And how could I get to it?!!

I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask, but it was fine, I didn’t need to because I was then told that I needed to touch things lighter. As if I was literally on the breeze, skipping through the air.

I was to experience aspects of life, to share those with the world, in a way that offered moments of expansion, clarity and freedom to those I met and that be enough.

And all the while I was to keep on evolving.

So, this is me, sharing my journey of evolution from the least interesting part of my life to finding not just physical freedom but the freedom of my soul, my being.

Who I was as a person.

And the CliffsNotes are:

First, I acknowledged my past, understood it broadly speaking and set it free.

Then I learnt why I was really here and understood how to move forward into that.

● Initially, in myself,

● Then in connection with others

● And finally in my romantic relationships.

Essentially, I learnt to set myself free and in so doing I set others around me free.

That’s it in a nutshell.

I could finish the whole thing there, because that’s the whole sum of it.

But if you’d like to read stories about cows, sediment, the Industrial Revolution, and fairy lights then you can keep going….

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We are here to unleash more of our soul self into the world – not just individually, but as a collective. It starts with us.
– Lee Harris


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