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Tooting my flute

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I bet you didn’t know that while the rest of you were learning to play the recorder, I was merrily tooting my flute with an Ocarina!

You never knew such a thing existed, did you?! Well, it does – here look you can buy one for the child of the relative that annoys you most!

Don’t worry the noise generated was almost as dreadful as your recorder only higher pitched! Or that throughout my late teens and early twenties I played the violin, accompanied by the rest of my siblings who played a mix of piano, guitar, and clarinet and my brother who, bless his heart, drove us all screaming mad as he attempted to master the trumpet!

And that despite all that I can’t read a scrap of sheet music and had to learn everything ‘by ear’?

Coupled with the fact that no ‘pre-recorded’ music rang out in our house ever, because it was not permitted, and that included hearing music on the radio or TV.

Can you imagine never being able to hear any music other than the music you could create yourself or your friends could perform? No cassette tapes, CD’s, concerts, theatre performances, festivals.

Well, now you can read all about it in 88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life – a hot off the press book, released literally today on Amazon!

The third in the series 88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life is the music world's equivalent to Jack Canfield's world-renown book series Chicken Soup for The Soul.

It’s an honor to have contributed to this edition the proceeds from which are donated to four fantastic non-profit music organizations:

· Musicians on Call

· Hungry for Music

· Rock to the Future

· Keep Music Alive

If music lights up your soul like it does mine, please do hop over to Amazon so you can devour your copy and support those who bring it to us.


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