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Valentines Day Special!

4 Years ago Valentines Day consisted of getting a phone call from my mom to say she had Stage 4 Cancer, comforting both her and father, and then feeling as guilty as heck as I stepped out of the office to go meet my contraband boyfriend that neither of them knew about because he was outside the cult and I would be in big trouble had they known.

Oh and don't even mention the fact it was an affair because he was actually already in a relationship - yeah...

4 Years on... Valentines Day in lockdown is actually pretty cool, with a chicken joining us in bed this morning, chocolates, flowers, and cards exchanged, leftovers of last nights Chinese consumed for breakfast, and I'm just waiting backstage to talk with the fabulous Anna Claydon on BBC Radio Kent about unsurprisingly chickens and cults!

As you can see Anna has been loving my cult escape memoir Tomorrow's Not Promised and also been reading a chunk of my new book series Fluffybutt Love!

Feeling inspired I wrote another section for my second book Make Today Count this morning - I know, I was going to take the weekends off but I just couldn't help it!

All in all not only is this a Valentine's Day I could never have ever imagined 4 years ago, but also a Sunday that doesn't come anywhere near close to those of old which were filled from 6A M to 6 PM with church services and mandatory socializing with unbelievable amounts of hard liquor.

Ahhh - I'll say it again but I really am unbelievably lucky!

You can listen to Part 1 here:

And Part 2 here:

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