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When I Broke My Mould

And suddenly there were so many pieces that I wanted to test and see other ways of doing and being.

And because we are all so interconnected how did this then impact on my dynamics with those around me?

Because one never does this kind of learning entirely alone.

I had seen enough to know that the altering of one being simply had to affect all the other beings in its close proximity.

What was this going to mean for my friendships?

My relationships?

I was keen to understand - what new learning's could I absorb to maybe lessen the friction.

Doing this work alone in a quiet corner would be one thing but I wasn't - I was doing this in real life - there was no way I would escape The Big Four putting in an appearance via someone close to me.

I was ready to embrace a belief system that didn't tell me there was something wrong with me and that I was here to get over that.

And I wasn't sure how this was going to sit with those around me.

And how were things not being wrong or right, but just being what they felt for me in that moment, going to sit with my romantic partners going forward?

What did it mean for these areas in my life?

I had soo many questions.

Because I knew I'd never be the same again in any aspect.

My 'hard drive' was being overwritten, there never is a possibility of going back - I had always been overwriting it.

That's what we continually do as we grow and evolve.

When I broke my mould, when I changed who I was, how I thought, how I operated, it was like I begin to talk a new language.

And I found really quickly that many of those around me didn't talk this language, and with every new change and progression I found different friendships and relationships would melt away and new ones would come into play.

The Big Four tried to tell me I was doing something wrong that I couldn't stay friends with people for very long and that it was more important for me to please those around me than honour my truth, my path, my growth.

But I realised that I would never be free if I attempted to cavort around attempting to please all those around me, and that my desire lay in the speed and direction of the growth I was doing.

It wasn't that there was anything wrong with the speed, direction, desires and preferences of those around me.

More that we were like cars at an intersection - sometimes you sit there together while you wait for the lights and other times you whizz right through onto your various different destinations.

And every time I would go through another big awakening, or a life change my resonance would shift, and naturally people would gravitate away.

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You are healing at an ancestral level. You are letting go of past lifetimes, and you are becoming a new level of freedom and consciousness on the planet. You will see that the rise for you will be around truth and heart. For many of you, the truth will mean, you will become more aligned in relationships, more aligned in the way you speak and what you say, more aligned with living in what is your truth and less pulled into the truths of others for healing relationships. Many of you will graduate from using others to heal or contact yourself, you will now be sovereign in your consciousness.
-Lee Harris


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