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What happens when one woman refuses to give up on her dreams?


With dogged determination and a belief that Tomorrows Not Promised, this chicken-loving, cult-escaping badass discovers she can do anything.


From contraband relationships to navigating the modelling scene to healing old wounds and more.


There’s something for every woman, your next inspirational read.


Right here. Right now.

Read Jessie Shedden's memoir Tomorrow's Not Promised and discover...

  • Inspiration to change your life

  • Motivation to reach your goals and dreams

  • A fresh look at your world and situation

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Sequel out soon!

When one book isn't enough. Tomorrow's Not Promised could only fit so much of what I had to say, so Make Today Count completes the picture.


Openly discussing

  • What's happened since Tomorrow's Not Promised was released

  • So much excellerated healing that's taken place since then as well

  • Stuff I wasn't ready to share in Tomorrow's Not Promised but am now.

Intro Extract:

"This sequel to Tomorrow’s Not Promised has always been waiting to pour out of me, but it took me being hands on involved with helping someone attempt the escape I did, for me to realise just how important it was to have this out in the world. It was my wake-up call that you, my readers, are taking inspiration from my journey and seeking to implement it in your own lives, making me feel that the more I can share of my own journey the bigger difference I can make."