The School of Authentic Badassery

Nothing's as powerful as a woman who knows who she is & what she brings to the table - especially when this comes from her core, instead of her ego.

Then she is truly unstoppable.

It's time to embody your authentic badass.

Released 3rd May 2022

Pre-order discount of £444!


Authentic Badass Confidence

  • How is it some people appear to be fearless?

  • How is it some people seem to be able to do absolutely anything?

  • How is it some people accomplish things in months, that you’ve struggled with for years?


It’s not because they are smarter or have the luck gene or because they have more money or a bigger support group.


It’s because at every stage they integrate Authentic Badass Confidence.


Relationships That Cultivate True Love Master Class

  • How do some people have ‘happily ever after relationships’, when yours seem to start off well but burn out?

  • What is the missing piece when it comes to deeply meaningful relationships that last?

  • Why does ‘The One’ turn out to be a huge disaster?


It’s not because men are from Mars or because you pick up the wrong men.


It’s because you were taught a model of relationships that belongs to a bygone era.  What do I mean? Well let's find out!


Sit With Me

  • If you are going through something,

  • have something you want to unburden,

  • are feeling lonely,

  • are at a turning point in your life,

  • want to release traumatic memories

  • or experience a vulnerable moment you feel uncomfortable sharing with friends or family


Book a Sit With Me session is 60mins and I will be a safe psychological non-judgmental space for you.

Happy to hum and hah or provide more support if you'd like. *Chickens are optional!


PowerHour & then sum...

Work with me for a 90minute powerhour to nail a topic of your choice.

  • Unbundle your story to heal & grow

  • Discover your personal passion & calling

  • Reclaim your power

As a 3/5 Mani Gen my gift is seeing the quickest & easiest way to do things, so if you are ready to let go of things having to take time and being hard - these have been known to give real quantum leaps to those who grabbed them!